A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix

A-Confusion-of-PrincesKhemri is a young man that was taken from his parents as a baby and has grown up in a Matrix-like environment to work for the mysterious Imperial Mind as a prince of the empire. In his training, Khemri learns the legends of the great princes, who do the Mind’s bidding and can come back to life if the Mind deems them worthy. The millions of princes in the galactic empire compete to get good positions and to become the one prince chosen to become the next Emperor. Khemri nearly gets assassinated twice on his first day out of training ala Hunger Games, and then he’s maneuvered to join the Imperial Navy even though he’d rather be out cruising in a fast starship and getting girls. The Imperial Mind has directions for Khemri that no one else seems to know about, and he gets put on a secret mission after his training at the Naval Academy is complete. While carrying out this mission, he falls in love, and questions if his goal of becoming Emperor is what he really wants out of life.

This Young Adult science fiction story is told from Khemri’s point of view, and the best part about the book is seeing his character change from an arrogant prince bent on becoming Emperor to a more humble adult who questions authority. I found the ending a little predictable, but teens reading the book might find it more comforting. The world building in this novel is also very good, with a fresh take on the politics and power structures of a vast galactic empire.

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